Upper Delaware area pictures
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TRR photo by Mary Greene
With the beautiful Delaware flowing through our region, it is sometimes easy to overlook the magnificent spread of lakes that also characterize the Upper Delaware, the Catskills and the Poconos, providing recreation and cool relief to summer aficionados. Here, a sunbather enjoys her solitude at one of the many private, man-made lakes in the region.(Click for larger image)

Lake country


REGION — In appreciating the beautiful lakes in our region, we have to give thanks for an event that occurred 20,000 years ago. The great Wisconsin glacier, formed by a buildup of snow and ice in Canada, sent an ice sheet flowing downhill all the way into New York State and New Jersey, creating much of the geological landscape that we are familiar with today.

“A lot of little lakes and wetlands were formed as a result of the glacier,” said naturalist Ed Wesley, who is working on a geology tract of the region. Small lakes are called kettles because of their shape, but large waters, such as the one at Lacawac Sanctuary, are also glacial lakes. There are many man-made lakes in the region as well, often abutting camps or real estate developments.

In addition to the serene and contemplative beauty that our lakes provide, wildlife abounds, and boaters and swimmers do not stay away either, as can be seen by the photos below.

TRR photos by Mary Greene. Click for full images
Fox Lake appearing through the foliage.
The Saturday scene at Bethel’s Lake Superior Park. Superior has a concession stand, boats to rent and barbeque grills.
The many camps in the area take advantage of the lakes for swimming & boating. Pictured above is Silver Lake in Tusten.
The Toronto Reservoir, bordered by wild flowers.
Families spend time picnicking and swimming at Lake Superior Park.
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